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audio course - TOEFL Listening question type: gist

در بخش شنیداری آزمون تافل، یکی از انواع رایج سوال، تشخیص فحوای کلام یا جان کلام یا Gist میباشد. در اینگونه سوالات از ما خواسته می شود که قصد و منظور اصلی گوینده را بیابید و بیان کنید. سوالاتی که معمولا این کلمات کلیدی را در خود دارند:

ابتدا این فیلم را با دفت ببینید و سپس به توضیحات ما که در ادامه می آید با دقت توجه نمایید.

ژیست یا فحوای کلام ، در اصل ایده ی اصلی آن کلام است:
فحوای محتوایی / gist-content از شما می خواهد ایده اصلی یک مکالمه یا سخنرانی را تشخیص دهید. (Main idea)
فحوای منظور / gist-purpose از شما خواهد خواست تا دلیل/ منطق/ منظور از یک گفتار را تشخیص دهید. (Main purpose)

• Mainly about
• Mainly discussing
• Why does the student…?
• What is the main purpose…?

بازگشت به مجموعه درسهای Listening

متن نوشت Tapescript

MALE COACH: Hi, Elizabeth.

FEMALE STUDENT:  Hey, Coach. I just thought I’d stop by to see what I missed while I was gone.

MALE COACH: Well, we’ve been working real hard on our plan for the next game . . . I’ve asked Susan to go over it with you before practice this afternoon, so you’ll know what we’re doing.


MALE COACH: By the way, how did your brother’s wedding go?

FEMALE STUDENT:  Oh, it was beautiful. And the whole family was there. I saw aunts and uncles and cousins I hadn’t seen in years.

MALE COACH: So it was worth the trip.

FEMALE STUDENT:  Oh definitely. I’m sorry I had to miss practice, though. I feel bad about that.

MALE COACH: Family’s very important.

FEMALE STUDENT:  Yep. Okay, I guess I’ll see you this afternoon at practice, then.

MALE COACH: Just a minute. There are a couple of other things I need to tell you.


MALE COACH: Uh . . . First, everybody’s getting a new team jacket.

FEMALE STUDENT:  Wow. How did that happen?

MALE COACH: A woman who played here about 20, 25 years ago came through town a few weeks ago and saw a game, and said she wanted to do something for the team, so . . .

FEMALE STUDENT:  So she’s buying us new jackets?


FEMALE STUDENT:  Wow, that’s really nice of her.

MALE COACH: Yes, it is. It’s great that former players still care so much about our school and our basketball program . . . Anyway you need to fill out an order form. I’ll give it to you now, and you can bring it back this afternoon. I’ve got the forms from the other players, so as soon as I get yours we can order. Maybe we’ll have the jackets by the next game.


MALE COACH: Great. And the next thing is, you know Mary’s transferring to another college next week, so we’ll need someone to take over her role as captain for the second half of the season. And the other players unanimously picked you to take over as captain when Mary leaves.

FEMALE STUDENT:  Wow. I saw everybody this morning, and nobody said a word.

MALE COACH: They wanted me to tell you. So, do you accept?


نمونه سوال ژیست محتوایی

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  1. How the woman should prepare for the next game
  2. The woman’s responsibilities as team captain
  3. Things that happened while the woman was away
  4. The style of the new team uniforms

نمونه سوال ژیست منظور

Why does the student go to see the coach?

  1. To see how the woman should prepare for the next game
  2. To find out the woman’s responsibilities as team captain
  3. To find out what had happened while the woman was away
  4. To discuss the style of the new team uniforms

پاسخ تشریحی

هر دو سوال شبیه به هم هستند فقط اینکه اولی محتوا را مورد سوال قرار میدهد و دومی منظور یکی از افراد حاضر در مکالمه را بررسی می کند. با توجه به این قسمت در گفتگوی مورد نظر، انتخاب بهتر برای هر دو سوال، گزینه ی 3 هست:


The female student tells us her reason for going to see the coach in the early part of the conversation when she says this:

FEMALE STUDENT: I just thought I’d stop by to see what I missed while I was gone.


“That tells us both the main idea of the conversation and why she went to see the coach.”


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